The Cigar Shoppe North Georgia

The Cigar Shoppe, now a north Georgia institution, proudly boasts…

  • Over 1000 varieties of cigars.
  • 3 separate lounges areas.
  • A phenomenal bar that has over 70 different beers from all around the world.
  • Over 1500 different wines to match anyone’s palates.
  • A grand selection of ports from relatively young 10 years old to a once in a lifetime experience of a 70 year old Burmester found in Hitler’s Bunker.
  • Coming soon – 1500 sq ft Smoke Free Wine Lounge and tasting room with a 4000 bottle wine cellar.
  • Outside patio that will have live music on the week ends. On any given day you will find a cordial and professional highly trained staff awaiting your arrival and an even friendlier group of people waiting to make your acquaintance.

Established Out Of Necessity with a theme borne out of a common love of cigars, pipes, unique beverages and of course - friendship….